As we walked into the restaurant, I noticed that the store next door was suddenly open. The storefront had been covered up for weeks, and just this morning… as I walked to work, it was uncovered. So tonight seemed to be the grand opening – some kind of clothing store.

After dinner and some lounging around, I decided we should stop in and check out the place. I strolled on in and, after about 20 seconds, some guy comes up to me and tells me I need to leave. I look back and suddenly can’t find Chris or Eric. I’m informed that this is a private party, and that the store will be officially open tomorrow.

The interior was quite fancy. They had one of those fountain deals, where the water just sort of runs down the wall/stone. Lots of loud dance music, and there were as many people hanging around yelling/talking to one another, as there were people shopping. I don’t think, based on what I saw for sale, I would ever have cause to buy anything in that store. Looking around, I suddenly didn’t feel like I belonged, mainly because my hair was only one color.

I looked at the guy, shrugged, and made my way outside. There, I found Chris and Eric, and we then made our way to the next gallery. A little wiser, a little more jaded. And feeling a lot less cool.

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