First Artsy, Now Whiskey

At 1/Quarterly, I met up with Justin, Dave, and Camellia (who was in town for a conference). Also ran into Rob, who I found out a while ago also knows a lot of the folks related to the event. Plans were for us all to meet up at Beechwood, and grab a few drinks.

And that we did. Chris and Eric hung for a bit, and called it an evening around about midnight. There was a constant, fluid motion of people it seems, as right when they left Rob arrived.

God has been a big topic the past few weekends. Faith. Religion. Those big annoying, huge, necessary, unanswerable questions. What I like about my friends is that we don’t need to get completely drunk before we can talk about these sorts of topics. We can just as easily kick around the existential banter sober as sauced.

It just so happens tonight that we were getting sauced, while talking about God.

Also appropriate: on the television was Clash of the Titans.

That’s right. I took a picture of the television. It’s all part of the rich tapestry of what I do here, on the blog.

Fast forward a bit, and Camellia and Dave have both departed. No sooner do I look up but Steph, Mandy and Liz walk in the door. Woohoo!

Mandy and me.

At some point in the evening, me, Mandy and Steph take over the jukebox. I don’t recall all the songs, but I recall the three of us singing “Me and Julio” fairly loudly. . The’re so awesome.

Justin and Liz spent most of the night swapping secrets.


Something that I haven’t done in a long while… we ended up closing down the bar. At 2:00 AM, the bartender takes out two flashlights, one in each hand, and starts waving them at everyone who’s still sitting around. We get the standard “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” speech.

We walk Mandy back to her place (she got done moving today, and is now officially part of the neighborhood), and I said goodnight to Liz and Steph.

Great great night. I felt good, and didn’t feel ridiculously out of control. I was all over the place, and it really felt good to be so social and mobile in a given evening. On top of everything else, I got to see a ton of people I really like. Great day today.

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