Rope Climb: Schopf Gallery on Lake

There are a lot of gallery shows going on tonight, and I had plans to run around with Chris and his roommates. The first show was at Schopf Gallery on Lake, and featured the work of a friend of Chris’ roommate. We hoofed it and, due to the cold, drizzly weather, us talking, and random photographs, we somehow managed to overshoot our destination by a few blocks.

Chris is all too willing to be photographed, so of course I asked him to climb inside this thing. Sidenote: the street we were looking for was the next intersection (about 50 feet away), but we ended up walking an extra 4 blocks before we realized our mistake.

At the gallery, we met up with Chris’ roommates, and I got to meet both of them for the first time. That is, in person. I recognized them because I’ve seen their fantastic ass-kicking work online, prior to. Will I met for all of about 5 minutes, as he was heading off to work. Eric, Chris and I ended up spending the rest of the night going from place to place.

Rope Climb addresses contemporary issues of male sexuality,constructed notions of masculinity,the gaze and male bonding through a grouping of paintings, drawings,sculpture, photography and video by local and national artists.

This was my favorite image of the whole show.

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