You Are Beautiful: Sightings

I followed the trail of Postal Mail stickers all the way down Damen, until I hit Augusta. There, I turned and headed towards Justin’s place (a bunch of us were meeting up to watch a movie). I look up at a nearby stoplight, and guess what I find?

You are beautiful
. Lots of ’em. I’m guessing someone got stickers at the last show.

They’re everywhere!

This is pretty close to Justin’s place, just a few houses away.

When I arrive, we hang out a bit and go over the Found book that Justin got last week. After a bit, Dave arrives and the three of us head out to pick up a movie and some beer.

I found yet *another* one, way up on a vent outside of Inner Town Pub

And another one, a few houses down the street (keep in mind this is pretty dark by now).

We grab a few DVD’s and decide we’re going to watch Spellbound. Picking up some beer, Dave was looking at all the various snack items on display and remarked how he had never eaten a Zinger.

Well, seeing as how his birthday plans have continually been delayed for going on three weeks now, I decided to splurge and get him a fancy gift. Raspberry Zingers. The pic (above) is Dave looking over the ingredients. For some reason, I still remember that Zingers include Guar Gum.

And yes. We all agree. It should be spelled Gwar Gum.

Spotted one more, on Division and Damen.

We got some tacos, hung out in Justin’s backyard for a while and Kristen ended up joining us. The movie was great, and a very relaxing evening overall (Juliet ended up joining us a bit later). Before I knew it, midnight had rolled around and I had spent almost 12 hours just roaming around the surrounding area. Threw on my backpack, waved goodbye to everyone hanging/sitting on Justin’s porch, and walked home.

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