Jam Session

Almost all of us, after work, headed to Matt’s apartment to play around. Bass, guitars, drums. You name it. His place is incredibly cool – and it just screams out music music music. It’s in a somewhat sketchy part of town, but the space alone is worth it. Great, great place.

The jam session was… interesting. I’m definitely not an improviser, and have a hard time just winging things. Almost every aspect of my music background (piano, violin, guitar, choir) was fairly structured. Everything was set and the idea of freeform experimentation wasn’t something I really encountered in orchestras or rehearsals. Towards the end of the night, I hung back and just listened to everyone else noodle around.

Matt is a big fan of the candles.

At work the next day he told us a story about how, during one of his parties, he found one of these wooden spindles actually on fire.

Ben getting his guitar ready. I lucked out on both the shape of his body and the shape of the lamp.

The setup. An amazing amount of equipment, and a drum set to boot!

The view out the window. This seems ideal for dinner parties. Badminton. Slip and Slides. You name it.

I have no idea what this is, or does. Perhaps this controls all the candles?

Rey (my boss) setting up his drums.

Ben tuning up.

Justin, with a rather intense look on his face.

Chris. Showing us what Real Ultimate Power is all about.

Matt and Chris, doing some shop talk.

Rey is quite the demon on these things. You really need to see him play, full-speed sometime. Really, really impressive.

Max joined us a bit later, chiming in on both bass and guitar.

Chris on the sax.

Ben taking the mike. Incidentally, he plays and sings a lot at several open mics. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Uhm… Matt? Is this, uh… yours? This ripped CD? Of Justin Timberlake?

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