Quiet Day

Spotted this on Wells, about 5 feet away from a You Are Beautiful sticker.

Slow day at the office. Most everyone was either off on vacation or taking a personal day. Matt was in briefly, for the morning, and then it was just me the whole afternoon. Kinda good and kinda boring, truth be told. I did get a good deal done, but I also was fairly sleepy and bored the whole time.

This is a shot of the flowers Ben brought into the office early this week. In a room full of monitors and cubicles, this is a refreshing sight on the meeting table.

I took an extended lunch, and walked over to the Poetry Center. More than a year ago, I had this idea to help them take advantage of their audio archives. But work took over, and it slipped from my radar.

Today, I wanted to meet with Ken again and see if I could scale down my initial vision. Instea of creating an all-encompassing interface that could swallow up all the multimedia they had… I wanted to create something that could be dropped onto their site easily and unobtrusively.

They’ve got some mp3’s right now, and I think something like a basic audio player would be a nice (and easy) start.

The above pic is the view of the El, from the Merchandise Mart. I got there on time, but wasn’t able to meet with him – ah well. Another day. I’m still interested in doing this, not only because I think it’s a good idea, but also because I’m really personally interested in this on many fronts.

Hopefully, this time, it won’t be a fucking year between when I open my mouth and when I have something to show for it.

On the way back… another reminder that You Are Beautiful.

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