Bachelor Party: Alex Visits

A few months back, we all made tentative plans for Alex’s bachelor party. A big camping trip was proposed, but in trying to match everyone’s schedules… it became apparent that we would all be hard pressed to find a good time (in August) for us to get together).

Fast forward, and one night Justin and I are out on his front steps, talking. We determine that one option is to reverse our original plans. Instead of us all heading out to some location (or us all trying to trek up to Green Bay to see Alex), we could simply fly him in to Chicago. Less coordination, and it incrseases the ability for others to be able to “drop by,” as their schedules permit.

Start of the evening, hanging out on the front steps. Justin’s birthday is today, and I got him a few art supplies (pencils and a sketchpad). He doodles and sketches a lot, and talked about having done this a lot more when he was in school. You’ll see a few sketches later on in the evening.

We ordered some food from Papajin, a favorite local Chinese/sushi place.

Dave and Alex.

All told, I think we had about two fifths of Johnny Walker Black, a twelve pack of Bass, some chips, and a few quality cigars. The steps got messier and messier as the night wore on.

Stu (standing) and Jim. Our surprise guest for the evening, Alex didn’t know that Jim was going to make the trek up from Indianapolis to join in the festivities.

Jason joins our little impromptu photoshoot.

And this, pretty much, is what we did the whole night. Hours of this. Everyone broke out their camera, and we all were just sitting around, sipping scotch, sinking beers, smoking on cigars and taking photos of one another.

Somewhere along the way, we got the idea to try to do some sort of heavy metal series. Lots of angry faces, people yelling and screaming into the camera.

This was a total blast – us all a bit tipsy, trying to look really pissed (and trying not to laugh). I’ll have to see if I can track down all the Polaroids.

Right around now is when we start accosting passer-bys, and trying to get other folks to do poses.

I had so much fun tonight, I can’t even explain. Just hanging out on the front steps, goofing around, taking photos. Each of us are separated by distance, by our jobs, by our own pursuits. Having all of us together, spending time together was what made this evening so great.

It felt like college again, in many respects. We didn’t need any fancy entertainment: we amused ourselves with whatever was at hand, the company and conversation of good friends being what made the evening enjoyable.

Toward the end of the night, in true bachelor party fashion, we made our way to a strip club. Here’s the guys, posing by the billboard. Every time I see this photo, Stu’s pose just cracks me up.

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