The Cadillac of Bolognas

Let me fill you in on some history.

Every morning, I get my coffee at a place called Artisan Cellar. There’s a Starbucks in the building, but I got turned onto this place thanks to Justin and Ben. Over time, we’ve become the regulars here. To the point where we’ve now got tabs that we keep, behind the till.

Artisan is primarily a wine and cheese shop. They’ve got a wide selection of items, and began carrying Illy coffee maybe two years ago. Right around the time I started working for Emmis Interactive.

This is Trent – he who makes my morning coffees. He is the closest thing I have to a drug dealer.

And this is Greg (who I tend to see more in the afternoons).

Here are some of the wares available at Artisan.

This is my view most mornings, as I’m waiting for a redeye (shot of espresso, dropped into a full cup of coffee). It’s sort of like a Boilermaker, but different.

This is where the magic happens.

One of two full (wall to ceiling) shelves of wine.

There are also a ton of cheeses available. Every once in a while (and this was more last year than lately), Justin and Ben would buy an assortment of cheese and some bread, and call that a lunch.

Slipping behind the counter.

So this is a big slab of Mortadella.

Ben, apparently, saw this in the display and asked what it was. Trent’s response was that it was a quality meat, and he offered to make Ben a sandwich. He referred to it as “The Cadillac of Bolognas.”

I mean, come on. How can you hear something like this and not want to try it out for yourself?

So… for lunch, I decided to accompany Ben, and give this thing a whirl.

Trent, in an action shot.

Mmmmmmmmm. Mustardy.

Ben, waiting patiently for his sandwich.

To top things off: Fontina cheese and some roasted red peppers.

Actually, sad to say, I wasn’t that taken with the Mortadella. I’m happy I tried it. And it was by far a quality sandwich. I just didn’t find myself thinking that I’d order it again, anytime soon. Good, but not something I could see myself getting a hankering for.

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