Renegade Craft Fair

Kent and Christine are in town, participating in the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s running all weekend, so if you’re near Wicker Park, stop on by and check out their wares.

About 50 feet into the park, I run into Dave. Joining forces, we then moved through the rest of the fair on the lookout for Kent and Christine.

Some really great posters, by The Bird Machine.

An interesting booth: they took old book covers and made new notebooks out of them.

I was finishing a small coffee, and wandered away to find a trashcan. Nearby, I find this.

I really should have grabbed it, and submitted it to Found. There’s so much loss with this, as it seemed to be part of someone’s keychain. Did this break off accidentally? Did he tear it off on purpose? So much left unanswered.

A partial view of the booths, south side.

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