Do Over

I learned late in the day that a project at work (which I had erroneously thought was due on the 29th) is actually due on the 22nd. And the client wants to see a preview before the launch date. Which means tomorrow.

I’ve been working somewhat nonstop since this morning. It’s 12:23 AM now, and I’m torn between continuing to work later or waking up super early and having at it.

Justin had a weekend-based update that turned into an all-nighter (and kept him up until this evening).

I found out my brother in law is currently in the hospital. It’s not life-threatening at the moment, but scary enough that it’s got everyone worried and waiting for him to return to normal.

Tonight, I also learned that relatives and friends of friends are experiencing some major health issues as well. A lot of crap seemed to happen today, a lot of bad things happening to a lot of good people.

I’m thinking right now of when I was a kid. Back before I had any thoughts about jobs, about work, about responsibilities. I’m thinking about a time before I could even conceive of the idea that someone I cared about could die. I’m thinking how, as a kid, my day-to-day was a good deal easier. Simpler.

Right now, I’d like to call a do-over on the entire day.

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