Photos During Lunch

Someone got a hankering for Taco Bell, and we (me, Ben and Chris) ended up walking downtown to get some tacos and burritos.

Taco Bell is every bit as good (and as nasty) as I remember it. There’s definitely something about biting into Grade F beef that makes it seem like a delicacy.

This was something I saw, en route.

I don’t know if many of you know this, but I’m a big fan of Harry Houdini. I read a lot about him as a kid, and really enjoyed Ruth Brandon’s biography of him (The Lives and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini). Even as an undergraduate at Indiana University, and long before I moved to Chicago, I’ve thought on several occasions about driving up to Appleton, Wisconsin, just to see the Harry Houdini Museum.

On calling, I think I found out it’s this smallish place, with maybe like 2 rooms. Still – it’s close enough I should really just go on up there.

I know a lot of random trivia about the guy. He travelled with a circus for a while (prior to working Vaudeville), and learned the art of swallowing/regurgitating things. He was trained by a circus mentor who tied a potato to a string. Eventually, Houdini learned how to utilize his throat muscles so that he could swalllow the potato (and bring it back up) almost effortlessly.

Prior to some stunts (like being locked inside a jailcell), his wife Bess would kiss him for luck. During that kiss, she would pass him a small piece of metal (or a key), which he would then use to break free.

Man… I need to go to Appleton. :)

I find it pretty funny that I’m posting this image now, after having watched the first Presidential debates only an hour ago.

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