Halloween, Muskingum Style

So it’s become sort of a tradition now, me travelling to Ohio for Halloween. I got a bit of a late start today (it’s roughly 7 or 8 hours from Chicago to Muskingum), and didn’t roll in until maybe 10PM or so.

I’m greeted by Jim, getting his dance on.

Matt, dressed as his own… sperm. Flagella and all.

This is that whole “meta” thing, right?

Me, sipping a drink with my costume on. I really should have planned for some kind of built-in cupholder. That, or brought along a twisty-straw.

Polly, trying to re-charge her glow-in-the-dark toenail polish. I don’t really know the backstory here, and this happened right around when I showed up. In media res and all that.

Ah, I’ve forgotten who this is. Damn! I had most of the names memorized, but have since forgotten. Serves me right for waiting so long to post these pics.

Juliet, taking a break from all the Frankenstein-ing.

Meg, dressed as Julius Erving (I think – I’m not familiar with the Sixers). The basketball on her shirt is perfectly shaped to the baby bulge.

I’m unsure why she has a gun. But… she tends to wield guns on Halloween.

MaryLynne (who I met last year) and… I forget who she’s with. He successfully got a box of Junior Mints out of my costume, though.

And how cool is this? I got handed this as a gift from the Foxes. The top of the pen comes off, and has this little tweezer device on it. And the pen actually buzzes if you mess up!

Chatting with Polly, who I only saw briefly last year.

The two of us talked a bit about Ann. I told Polly about the funeral, and she told me a bit about what Ann was up to before she died. The conversation happened somewhat abruptly, but it was good. It felt good to talk with someone who knew Ann well, and I’m really happy to hear Ann was happy right before she passed away. When Ann and I were talking a lot, she was really unhappy with a lot of things; I’m truly happy to hear she was doing better before she fell sick.

And of course, there’s the dancing. Always the dancing.

So good, it needed to be in here twice!

God dammit, I have no idea who some of these people are. I either need to start writing names down more, or updating photos as soon as possible. This is a shot of someone trying their hand at grabbing some candy from my costume.

Polly again, kicking back and assessing the room.

Britney? Britney is that you?

Pretty lights.

Matt, easily dazzled by the pretty lights.

Juliet demonstrates her “super raspberry” technique.

LOL. This is Jim’s note, a pre-emptive strike against Matt, who likes to leave notes for Jim. More of the backstory here.

This was possibly the scariest prop I’ve seen. Someone brought this guy, and set him up on a nearby chair the whole night. Not sure what he’s doing with his hands. And he has safety pins through his nipples.

And apparently, Matt’s flagella came loose.

Run for the hills! The Wild Cats are trying to break through!

Momentary breather. Jim and I hunker down on the stairs.

Matt pulls up a chair, and the three of us talk about writing for a bit.

There is simply nothing better than greasy pizza at 12:30 AM.

Except maybe… greasy tater tots!

Hanging out in Jim’s office. Me, sans costume, and wearing the cool kid glasses.

Kitchen table, circa 1:30 AM. Most of the folks here are faculty at Muskingum, colleagues of the Foxes.

Matt who, as usual, steals the camera to take a picture of his crotch. And as he’s dressed as his own sperm, this whole picture now has more of an “artsy” conceptual thing to it.

The wig has come off!

Frankenstein, unmasked!

I mean… the mask of Frankenstein, unma…

you get the idea.

Juliet, wearing the cool glasses and standing next to a closet full of explosives. Sadly, no fireworks this time.

m, kicking back and playing a bit on his harmonica.

I’m not sure what this is, but it’s definitely the BEST_POODLE_DRAWING_EVAR.

Fast forward a bit, and we’re all in the garage. This stuff I think, was left here by the original owner. No one has any idea what exactly is in the wicker frame.

Somebody… somebody’s drunk behind the wheel.

And now… let the drunken piano playing commence.

Me, trying to recall the few chords I have memorized from piano lessons, ages ago.

Juliet, having a hearty belly laugh.

Cacophony! Note that Juliet is going off on a wicket Air Pump solo.

Matt and Jim, tickling the ivory keys.

Juliet, instructing the boys that their song could use a few more F’s.

Jim, trying out some cartwheels in the garage.

Don’t ask why. Just be impressed.

Matt, shortly after trying to roll down the hill. Several of us noted that, in his white outfit, he looks a bit like a mental patient who had recently escaped.

Kitchen shot.



Some artfully decorated candy apples (and Juliet, showing off her fondness for giving things the finger).

Sideroom, with a tub full of beer and soda. I had no idea this was even here.

The Throne!

Jim had his camera out, and was taking photos of everyone at the party sitting on this guy. I can’t wait to see the shots he got. Hopefully, I can get some copies and maybe post them on here.

Me and Juliet. A few curlers and a Les Paul, and I might be able to pull off being Slash.

Matt, showing off the new trend of wearing your own flagella as a hat. Snork-stylee, yo.

Mr Freaky Hands-In-His Pants Guy.

Matt, showing off how Cowboy likes being held upside down.

Jim, showing off the Beatnik Vampire look.

When the shoes come off, it’s time to sleep.

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