Pizza at Piece

When we arrive, the place is pretty packed. We get on the list for a table, and see that Will (aka Rogue Designer) has already arrived. We join him at the bar and mill around a bit, waiting for a booth to open up.

Eric and Will.

It’s good to finally meet up with Will in person, to finally put more of a face to the name. Here’s some interesting trivia: all of us (me, Will and Matt are all Indiana boys, all of us from Indianapolis to boot). There was a lot of reminiscing that came up, and a lot of collective storytelling about the parts of the city we were familiar with. Great stuff.

In addition to having similar backgrounds growing up, we also talked at length about the folks we knew online (this always happens whenever these types of get-togethers occur). One of the things that still blows me away is how many folks I know primarily through the Internet, and how varied we all are. So many different people from all over… well, the world, really. But somehow all these different people share similar interests, similar senses of humor. And everyone gets along. It’s really pretty amazing.

Beers are ordered and, against my normal tendencies… I have some beer with my food (thankfully, I didn’t get that weird, splotchy thing that tends to happen when I mix food and booze). Shortly after our drinks arrive, the talk goes nerdward and we’re all breaking out the cameras, passing them around.

I was totally fascinated with Will’s camera (although I’ve forgotten the name of the guy). The top opens into this hood, and to view the image… you have to look down into the camera.

And, whenever this happens, the obligatory photo-of-someone-taking-a-photo-photo.

Matt and Mel.

Mmmmmm. Pizza.

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