Acoustic Performance, House of Blues

Went over to the House of Blues this afternoon, to attend a VIP acoustic concert sponsored by the Loop (another one of Emmis’ stations). For the past week, I’ve been talking with AJ, who helped coordinate our attending this event (and got us tickets to see the show on Saturday).

Today, I finally got to meet her in person. I had completely forgotten the fact that she had come through our offices several months back. She remembered who I was, and mentioned the Operation costume as well. After all the emails, it was good to finally meet her. Uhm… again.

The ever-important umlauts.

The band played two songs (Sign of the Times and Eyes of a Stranger), with a brief Q and A session in between. It seemed a bit quick to only play two songs but, hey… they did a morning gig, were heading off to do another public something or other after this, and had a full show planned for the evening. And supposedly they were running on no sleep, so who can fault them?

Free lunch today in addition to the show. I grabbed this pic after pushing my way up front briefly, in between songs.

Some days, this job has it’s upside. To quote Matt: This sort of thing doesn’t happen if you work at an insurance company.

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