So it begins

Justin and I got there ahead of Chris, so we hung out with Laura for a while (Ben was off getting some chips and soda). We visited Emmett briefly (he was in bed, but wanted to say hi to us), and he was cute as ever. He showed us a toy dinosaur he had (with the tail broken off), and Justin remarked that it felt like it was filled with popcorn. Emmett laughed a lot this.

Ben’s chip set. As of right now, three of my coworkers have their own set of poker chips. Mike has his own set; and Chris does as well.

Laura and Ben, checking out the lay of the land.

Chris, Eric and Justin.

The royal view from my vantage point.

At the end of the game, it was me, Eric and Laura, head to head to head. But when the dust settled, Eric emerged victorious.

A non-Emmis employee? In possession of the LORD AND MASTER STEIN™?

*drops monocle in shock*

Winning the stein is one of the greatest feelings. I loved having the stein in my possession, as it was a way to just flaunt superiority. People can smack talk all the way, but you can always, always have the last word by asking where the stein is. Oh, that’s right. *I* have it.

And if owning the stein is the greatest feeling in the world, the worst feeling is having to rinse the fucker out. And towel it off for the guy who just won it from you.

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