Technical Difficulties

I finally dug my car out this morning (it’s been buried ever since the first big snowfall we had, many weeks ago). However, on getting into it tonight… it wouldn’t turn. I tried unsuccessfully for a while, then gave up and gave Chris a ring. During this time, I was to be meeting Justin for dinner, and then the two of us would drive out to the suburbs. Turns out Justin’s phone is dead so, after tracking him down at Smoke Daddy’s, I let him know the situation.

Chris swings by, gives me a jump, and my car starts right up. I leave to go meet Justin and he leaves to drop off some things with Lesley (and to pick up Eric).

Lots of last-minute coordination. I was a bit worried (Chris and Lesley were staying out in the burbs, so we needed my car to get back). But it all worked out out in the end.

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