This is something I

This is something I have yet to introduce to you all. Behold, the LORD AND MASTER STEIN™, symbol of virility and mighty, mighty poker prowess. Ben made this bad boy several months back. He created the design and ordered it through

Part bragging rights and part intimidation factor (and, let’s be honest, part awesome status symbol), the LORD AND MASTER STEIN™ belongs to the winner of the previous poker game. And you know what? That last person happens to be yours truly.

Many a coworker has flapped his gums about wrestling this fine chalice from me. Be to those disbelievers and pretenders to the throne, I say Nay! This fine drinking vessel will not be sullied by your pedestrian lips!

Ahahahaha, this is too much fun. Tonight, I’m heading out to the burbs to hang out with Ben and Laura. A bunch of us are going out there to play some poker and, as though good friends and cards aren’t fun enough… it’s going to be a LORD AND MASTER STEIN™ game. Winner takes it.

This guy has been sitting on my desk for several weeks now. I have yet to drink from it, as this is our first officiel LORD AND MASTER STEIN™ game since it arrived. I’m hoping to hold onto it for several more weeks yet, but I’m guessing that tonight everyone’s shooting for the stein.

Here are some of the “informal” rules we’ve come up with so far:

  • If three or more Emmis Interactive employees gather for a game, they can declare a Stein Game™ if the current stein-holder is present.
  • A non-Emmis person can win the stein,
  • If three or more Emmis Interactive employees gather for a game and the current stein-holder is a non-Emmis employee… they can still declare a Stein Game™ if the stein-holder is unable to attend. Although… some attempt must be made to accomodate the stein-holder’s schedule.

Will the LORD AND MASTER STEIN™ remain with me? Will someone else win it?

I guess you’ll just have to come back and see.

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