After work, I met up

After work, I met up with Trent at Dunphy’s. Had a quick drink (and happened to run into Karen, who works as a concierge at the front desk of the Mart). Then, off to the Brown line to head back to Trent’s place.

I spent a bit of time helping him troubleshoot his PC (he had recently re-installed XP and had some sound card issues). After a lot of trial and error on my part, I was able to get all the necessary drivers and got the thing running. Woot!

It’s now close to 10:30 PM, and I just walked in the door. I know this is a poor excuse for an update, but I’m looking to crash out on my couch for a bit. I’d post more, but I’m just too tired to go surfing around to find a cool link. That, and I didn’t take any photos today.

Meh. Off to sleep!

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