Walking Back From Lunch

Ben and Justin stopped in to CDW, and had a few errands to run. Chris and I ended up walking back to the office together, and we spotted a few things en route.

After looking around some, we determined that this was a bracelet that spelled out “Chicago.” While I was busy trying to get this shot, Chris tracked down all the missing blocks, and was trying to determine the “spray-pattern,” and guessing how this person lost their bracelet. It felt a bit like a crime scene.

All is full of love.

Along this entire gate, these two spikes were the only ones slightly bent. It was almost as though someone tried to pry them apart, and for some reason I imagined someone incredibly angry. This gate encompasses a… monastery? Crap – I don’t even know what exactly this place is, despite the fact that I’ve walked by it numerous times. Next time, I’ll find out for sure what this place is.

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