Tori was kind enough to host the party at her place, and there was a ton of amazing food and drink: cheeses, fruit, bread, olives, wine, scotch. A veritable feast!

Linda, Jenn and Tori, choosing definitions. Did I mention that, as the person who chose the word… you also have to read out all the definitions out loud? This means a good deal of composure, as sometimes the fake definitions are absolutely hysterical. It’s fun for the reader too because you have to pretend like every single definition is valid.

Jason, Dave and Alex study up (Tori it turns out is also quite the shutterbug).

Justin, looking over the submitted definitions.

By the end of the night, we had gone through a ton of scrap paper, definitions all over the place. I can’t remember who won tonight – it was a close race at the end, which I was a part of. But… since no one else keeps a blog, let’s just say that I won. How’s that sound?

Great fun tonight – I had a blast, and just a great time hanging out with friends all day long.

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