Ballsdurdash Overview

Ballsdurdash is a game that we made up, that sort of plays off of Baldurdash (but uses the Slang Dictionary instead of a real one). Basically, the game goes like this:

One person chooses a word from the Slang Dictionary. He/She then announces the word, and everyone else has to come up with a definition for the word. Each person writes their definition down on a scrap of paper (as does the person who chose the word originally).

Once all the definitions are in, the person who chose the word reads them off, one by one. Everyone then has to say which definition they think is the correct one, and we go around the room. After everyone’s guesses are in, the person who chose the word announces who was right and who was wrong.

Scoring breakdown goes like this:

  • Guessing the correct definition: 1 point
  • Having another player guess your (fake) definition: 1 point
  • You picked the word and no one gets the right definition: 3 points

There are some fun strategies too (like choosing your own “fake” definition). This doesn’t give you a chance to earn any points, so it’s a gamble.

The big trick to the game is to try to come up with a convincing definition. Partly, it’s the definition itself. But a big part of it is also *sounding* authentic. Totally a blast, particularly if you’re a word geek.

And, being the word geeks that they are, both Dave and Justin have their own copies of the Slang Dictionary.

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