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I haven’t been good about updating lately, and a lot of stuff has happened – particularly friends who have either launched new sites or have new stuff for the world to see and enjoy. So here we go.

My friend Mitch is in a band called The Shuteye Train, and they just released their CD. Check out the site, listen to a few sample mp3 files, and get the album.

My friend Ben recentl re-launched his blog, taking on a new look and format. Last year, he did an mp3 blog (which was available to a fairly closed community). But this year, he’s opening things up and switching from strictly mp3’s to drawings and inspiration.

Swing on by, and reward your eyes and ears.

My friend Mike recently launched the website for his band, Cropchecker. I went back to Columbus to see them last January, and had a blast hanging out with old friends from school.

Lots of friends making stuff to share with the world recently. It’s good to know so many talented, creative people… as it makes me feel talented and creative by proximity.

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