Packing Up: The End is Nigh

Today, around 3PM, everyone started to break down their desks and begin the slow process of moving out. Tomorrow is our deadline, and we have to get everything out of the office before the end of the day.

Within about 30 minutes, there was crap everywhere. Boxes. Old snacks and random bits of paper everywhere. Ben in particular had a good deal of stuff to box up.

Chris, taking the whole “self-storage” bit a bit too seriously.

Justin, trying to seal the deal.

Here’s my messy rig. I don’t have all that much stuff – I’m just terribly disorganized. All in all, I should have most of my office stuff packed for storage, and about a box and a half worth of things to bring home.

Justin, getting his desk into boxes. At the end of the day, he and I decided that renting a van might be the best recourse (we were talking about bringing our office chairs home with us). Between me, Justin and Chris, we’ve got more stuff than would fit into a car – so a van might be the best approach.

My car has been a bit spotty, and needs some serious work done. So instead of chancing things with Chris’ car (or doing multiple trips), a van really does seem the best approach.

I was the last one out of the office tonight, and this is what the entrance looks like. Tomorrow is going to be super crazy – everyone’s dispersing and heading off in about 5 different directions.

While I’m totally excited about working from home, it still really hasn’t sunk in yet. This is going to be a really, really interesting two months.

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