We’re here! Let the games begin!

We’ll be strapped into these cars, whizzing around at 3-4 mph. That ring of rubber around the bottom is just for show.

I gotta say, it sounds slow, but 3-4 mph feels pretty quick. Especially when you go straight into the sidewall, head-on. Most of the bumps with other drivers weren’t bad, but every once in a while someone would get in a real zinger. On several bumps, I banged my legs up pretty good up against the control stick. And on top of that, I was thrown forward a lot, and I’m amazed I didn’t get bruises from the seatbelt. My right index finger is a bit fucked up, and I think it’s due to the game.

Jai Alai is for losers. This is where it’s at.

Pregame, getting settled in.

The controls are pretty straight forward. There’s a gas pedal (no brake). And to reverse, you have to turn the stick a full 180. Maneuvering out of bumper car jams was actually a lot harder than you’d think.

About to get started.

We played a total of 4 games, roughly 15 minutes each. We got about one game under our belts when Chris and Will showed up. Video below.

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