Morning of Errands

Woke up this morning, bright and early. I was out the door by about 8:45AM, and did a ton of grocery shopping. Went to Stanley’s (and one of these days, I really should bring my camera and document how cool Stanley’s is). Then over to the supermarket to pick up some fish, some sandwich stuff, and a ton of canned goods.

After unloading everything (it was a pretty massive outing) and putting everything away, I made my way over to Staples for my rebate on that paper shredder I bought. And, while I was there, I picked up some extras.

I’m seeing double here! Four paper shredders!

When I mentioned this sale to Justin on the phone yesterday, he asked me to grab one for him. Likewise, I got an email from Juliet this morning and picked one up for her as well. Now… if this isn’t some great excuse for a road trip to Ohio, I don’t know what is.

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