From: Felix To: Eric Subj:

From: Felix
To: Eric
Subj: WoW

Hey, Eric :)

Finally set up a character last night, and did some exploring around. Fun stuff! Even grouped with some others, which did make the quests much easier.

I had some folks trying to get me to join on Whisperwind, where there’s a Guild… but since I was leaning towards Alliance initially, I ended up joining on Durotan. After I get used to things, I may try a different character over on Whisperwind.

So… my guy’s name is Thrillho. Yeah, I can’t go with a super d&d sounding name. It’s bad enough that I’m playing a MMORPG as a Night Elf Hunter, but giving him a name like Et’aan Flameshaft or some shit makes me feel like I’m one step closer to putting on an actual freaking robe when I play this thing. :)

I’m still very green, but slowly picking stuff up. Let me know your character’s name, and I’ll try to keep an eye out. And if you want an extra noob who can shoot toothpicks at monsters while you deal most of the blows, I’m your elf.

Guy. I meant guy.


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