Let me apologize for the lackluster posting lately. For any of you who have stopped in daily, only to find that “Nothing Yet” page (or, worse, that 404 page), I’m sorry. I’ll try to resume the daily posting.

Lately, I have been binging a lot with WoW. But, I think that might be coming to a slow here. It’s getting to the point where it’s harder for me to do stuff on my own in the game, and a lot of the progress relies on working with others in groups. The initial first couple of days has been pretty fun and exciting (lots of new stuff happening almost constantly), but the more you play and the more you advance, the slower that progress becomes.

I made it a point to take off a few days next week, Monday through Wednesday. Three whole days off! Part of me wants to use that time to catch up on old blog entries I’ve missed (I have some great stuff from when Alex and Linda visited, but still haven’t gotten it up yet). I’ve been meaning to get a new version of Fast Forward done, with images from 2004. I could do some writing.

The idea of museums came to mind. I’m currently leaning towards that, or something that will get me out of my house. As much as I’d like to do computer stuff for my own enjoyment… I think I should really focus on something that is non-keyboard and non-indoors related.

Anyhow – apologies once again. For the handful of you out there who might be coming back daily, I’m sorry for the tumbleweeds. I’ll try to get back to the daily posts, and try to make this place worth your while.

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