Bail Magazine Party

Justin told me about a release party for Bail Magazine at Lava Lounge tonight. I was a bit apprehensive, as I didn’t really feel like I would know anyone. But threw on my shoes and plodded on over.

En route, I spotted this store. On looking at the name (and the way they describe what it is they do), I did a double take.

I have two words for you: Mob. Front.

This is my toast with Justin and the bartender Tracy (who is remarkably camera shy and didn’t even have her shot linger in the frame at all). There’s a pretty big gig in Justin’s near future, and this was a sort of celebration shot. Because… tequila is good for that sort of thing.

Great thing was – Tracy bought the round for us. Awesome!

Even though I didn’t really know much about the magazine, I wanted to buy one just because. If nothing else, I felt good about supporting someone else’s project.

I called it an early night, and was out the door by about 12:30 or so. En route home, I happened to see this “Haunted House” sign, and snapped a photo. Looking at it now, I noticed a Breakbone sticker on one of the doors, a dance company that my friend Kristen was involved with. Spotting this sticker after the fact made me smile.

Damen seems like a street filled with this sort of thing. Love it.

The whole walk home was incredibly nice. I was a bit buzzed, and had my iPod playing. It was late for a Monday, and there were only a handful of other people out and about. I felt a part of the city, moving my way home, listening to my own movie soundtrack.

Some nights, post-bar, the idea of walking/stumbling home is too much effort – and I end up hailing a quick cab ride home. But moments like tonight are great – where I’m just slightly fuzzy, music in my ears, and every step is another step deeper into a city that I love. Every step bringing me one step closer to home.

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