Spent most of the day

Spent most of the day puttering around the apartment. Did some blog stuff, and went through a ton of bills and financial documents. I didn’t really go outside, despite the fact that today was even warmer than yesterday (although not quite as sunny).

Did some updates, and met up with Chris and Eric for some poker.

Stopped off to pick up a six-pack of He’brew – the Chosen Beer. I first saw this beer at Artisan, and have been meaning to pick up some ever since.

I mean… come on. Check out this packaging. And it’s “Messiah Bold?” C’mon!

And to top it all off, it’s 100% kosher. Of course.

We played a pretty quick game all told, but I walked away the winner tonight. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a big group as there were a few cancellations. If only Justin had shown, we might have been able to claim it was a Stein Game.

On the way home, I spotted yet another luchador.

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