Walking Up Elston

Chris and I said our goodbyes, and headed out towards Elston. Outside the gallery, I caught the eye of this cute girl who was inside and… I really should have said something, in retrospect. I didn’t really have anything more elegant than “wow you’re really pretty” in my head, so I just kept walking.

This is right up the street, on Carpenter. Chris and I both noticed these cameras set up against the window (and the shades just drawn, ever so slightly). On looking inside, they seemed to be actual live cameras, recording.

We spotted this near the Milwaukee/Elston intersection. We both liked this tagline, despite the fact that neither of us really know Latin. As best as we can determine, it either means Brief Art, Long Life or Brief Art Lives Longer. I think I favor the second.

It might not be legible in this image, but the attribution is to the Network of Casual Art

Chris caught this sign, halfway up Elston. There’s a nice contrast between the barrenness of this area and the skyline in back.

“We Make Space.”

I don’t know why, but something about this area (with the old tires) caught my eye. For some reason, it made me think of a book cover.

After walking all the way up Elstone, guess what? As luck would have it – the place is closed down, by the city!

I didn’t even see this when I first took the picture (above). I caught it after the fact, sitting at home, going through these images in Photoshop. LOL.

Welcome sign, Life’s Too Short.

This should give you some sense of what the interior might look like.

Slow Down sign, corner of Division and Elston.

Why? Why would you make something like this?

Chris, peeking inside.

Conflicting messages.

Instead of grabbing a beer and playing ping-pong as we had planned, we walked across Division and decided to stop in to Penelope’s, and see if Mel was working.

On the way there, I spotted yet another Enter the Guapo sticker. Awesome!

And I didn’t even notice this until Chris pointed it out: along the windows, the words Ars, Vita and Breva were printed. They don’t quite match the sticker we saw, but enough so that it was a bit uncanny.

At Penelope’s, we looked around a bit (Mel wasn’t working this afternoon). We were thinking about playing some Ms. Pac Man, but it felt a bit weird to just jump on the machine when we clearly weren’t going to buy anything there.

You Are Beautiful

At the corner of Damen and Division, Chris and I parted ways. Great day today, just walking around outside and checking out what the city has to offer. Very low key, very relaxing and, dare I say it… very rewarding.

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