Justin Checks In

Got a call from Justin this afternoon, around the time I was taking a break for lunch and watching Return of the Jedi on TV (now that’s a weekend movie if there ever was one). Turns out, Justin was driving up the coast from Venice Beach to San Fransisco (in a Ford Mustang convertible, if I’m not mistaken). He had just pulled over and was greeted with a coastline FILLED with sunbathing sea walruses.

He kept describing how amazing this was and it got to the point where he had to hang up on me to take some pictures. After about 10 minutes, I got a call back and he had discovered even more. Given the size of each creature (and the sheer number that must have been there), it sounded incredible.

He sounds like he’s having a total blast, and I absolutely can’t wait to see all the pictures he’s taken (and all the stories he must have collected). Good hearing his voice again, and I expect there’s many an adventure in his future!

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