Cat Sitting Week Begins

While Justin’s away on vacation, a few of us are tag-teaming on the cat-sitting duties (three of us are taking a week each). Dave had round one, and today is the official hand-off. Next weekend, Howard will be taking over.

This is a good thing for me. I’m now actively going to have to leave my apartment, each and every day. It’s also good impetus for me to close up shop right at 5:30PM, and stop working.

Sign spotted en route.

Nebula, happy to have a visitor.

A nic surprise from Justin!


As a thank-you gift, I got an awesome, fancy Moleskine notebook. This one is different from my current one, as it flips upwards. I’m really excited by this, and can’t wait to fill up my current notebook and start using this newer one. Woot!

Heh. Don’t know if you can make it out, but there’s an entry there with info on Whirlyball.

“What the hell are YOU looking at?”

Nebula has discovered the catnip, locked away inside the kitty carrying-case.

Nebula expending all of her awesome skills trying to access the catnip.

After a few moments of this, I got some catnip and sprinkled it on her scratching post. Needless to say, she paid little attention to me for the remainder of our time together.

Walking home, I passed by this lawn sprinkler. Is this really necessary?

Someone’s been super busy along North Avenue. Covering almost every street sign I passed were more stickers than I remember. A ton were marked with The Orkid Man, and I’m now unsure if the person who did these is also RUOK. Or am I mixing people up?

The whole day, it’s been humid and at a few turns, pretty darn windy. We’re talking leaf-shivering, branch-groaning windy. I have this odd, slight phobia about the wind – particularly strong gusts. I guess I had too many of those dreams where you’re jumping, but instead of coming back down you just keep going up and up. Everytime a big gusts hits, it almost stops me in my tracks and I panic a little.

It’s a weird thing – not a totally paralyzing phobia, but enough happens to let me know it’s there. From a psychological standpoint, I’d wager this is some sort of fear of change on my part. Something like that. And as ridiculous as it sounds, yes, I’ve got this illogical fear that the wind will (somehow) literally pick me up off the ground and propel me up into the sky.

The few times I noticed the gusts walking to and from Justin’s, I thought again about this little phobia of mine. I ended up digging through poems tonight, and found an old one that I had written shortly after some pretty major winds were reported in California a year or two ago.

The whole day today, it was threatening rain. Oddly colored skies and that sort of strong breeze throughout. I was absolutely convinced I’d get hit walking to or from Justin’s, but as luck would have it, the rain didn’t kick in until I was almost back home, right at the gate that leads to my yard. That made me feel like I had good timing today.

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