So, some random person send me a note (through the mailform on the right) asking for more cat pics. So… uh, here you go!

I changed it up today and went to visit Nebula during my lunch break. She was being particularly cuddly, so I scooped her up and went to find a mirror to get a better angle.

Then, as she is sometimes want to do, Nebula clawed her way up my arm and onto my shoulder. She’s done this to several people, but I’ve seen her do this most when she’s around Alex. In some past life, I swear she must have been a pirate’s parrot.

To ease her boredom and to make the whole separation process easier, I ply Nebula with drugs. For my own amusement, I’ve taken to sprinkling catnip at the very top of her scratching post. I figure it’s win/win: she gets her dope, you get a fun picture, and I get a little chuckle out of the whole deal.

Look at her. Havin’ the time of her life right there.

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