Hot Doug’s

Chris and I went to Hot Doug’s again for lunch. I’m realizing now that it’s a lot easier for us to get out here for lunch while we’re working from home. And once we go back to the office… these trips will be harder to make.

The game of the week? Buffalo.

I have to say – I’m consistently amazed by this place. I had no idea hot dogs could be like this. In all seriousness, the food here is jaw-droppingly good. I’ve had blueberry-infused venison, I’ve had smoked alligator, and now chipotle buffalo with blue cheese dijonnaise and sun-dried tomatoes (the sun-dried tomatoes adding a fruity tang that just sends this over the top). So. Freaking. Good.

Post-lunch, Chris was kind enough to help me try to jumpstart my car (the battery went out a long while ago). Apparently, my car has been sitting on the side of the road longer than I realized, as I found a towing notice taped to my window.Good thing I came out here, as in another few days the city was going to move my car for me!

The jump didn’t work, and I ended up having to get it towed myself to the shop. A bit of a bummer, but this needed to get taken care of.

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