Day Off

I’ve got the day off tomorrow, as I’m taking back a comp day from having worked every weekend for the last three weeks or so. I’ve got maybe 4 days total that I need to take back, but it’s not that realistic that I can grab them all in one fell swoop – so it’ll be bit by bit, I think.

Tomorrow is a start.

I’ve got plans to wake up early and run errands before the rest of the world wakes up. But that would entail falling asleep early tonight, and I’m on my second drink and reading through some poems… and I’m not entirely sure I want to go to sleep just yet.

Another big part of me just wants to waste tomorrow, in a glorious indulgence of movies and video games and a general fucking off. It seems wrong to waste the day like that, but given how much my brain’s been revolving around work-related things lately… goofing off seems as theraputic to me as anything else I could do (ie cleaning, groceries, laundry).

One thing for sure – I think I want to carve some time out of the day and write again. Maybe even print out my poems and smack them back up on the wall again.

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