Drinking in the Kitchen

After a bit, Tracy needed to leave to go pick up Malachai. Instead of us splitting up the group, we decided it would be better (and more fun) were we to stick together. So… we all walked back to Tracy and Matt’s apartment. En route, Matt and I stopped off to pick up a few six packs and a pint of Jim Beam.

Walking through the alley behind their place, I spotted this table… sitting upright in a pile of debris, in front of a building that had its windows missing. I’m not sure why I took this picture, but something about the table being whole, in the midst of all this destruction really caught my eye.

All of us hung out in the kitchen for a good while, chatting away and munching on pizza and some little bags of potato chips. Nuanda and Amy took their leave a bit early, but the rest of us kept on hitting beers for another hour or two afterwards. There was a lot of talk of old friends (shared by Chelsea. Tracy and Matt – who all go way back with one another). It was fun listening to various stories, as I got these slight glimpses of friends I know now… but didn’t know some ten plus years ago.

Theresa, Tracy and Chelsea, goofing for the camera.

Shortly after this picture, we all ended up calling it a night, circa 1:00 AM or so. I had a blast tonight, and got to see a ton of people I haven’t seen in a really, really long time. I didn’t get all that drunk (despite the fact that I was drinking at a fairly steady clip all night), but laughed my ass off at several turns. Which, when it comes right down to it, is the only accurate gauge for how fun an evening is.

To Matt, to Tracy, to Nuanda: Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

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