Hala Kahiki

After about 20 minutes by car, we end up somewhere in River Grove… and get a nice rockstar parking spot outside Hala Kahiki.

Some wooden carvings, near the entrance.

The whole place is pretty dark. I tried getting this shot (sans flash) at the entrance, looking in to the bar.

The place is pretty massive, and just sort of winds around, the father back you go. Thankfully, we didn’t have too long a wait and were able to get a table inside fairly quickly.


I’ve since forgotten what everyone else ordered. My drink was a Zombie (lots of rum, mostly), and I think Justin got a Pineapple Boomerang. Everyone ended up passing their drinks around, so it was as though we all had a psuedo-flight.

Round two. Justin and I order up a volcano, and Dave gets a fantastic coffee/chocolate drink.

Here’s a crappy shot (sans flash) so that the flame shows up. Any drink that can be lit on fire is high up there, in my book.

Dave was kind enough to snap this photo of me and Justin, hitting the volcano.

I was reminded of that Hurrican Bucket I ordered, a long while back when Jim and Sally visited. There’s something to be said about a drink that involves multiple straws. Automatic fun.

View of the interior, from our vantage point. I tried taking a few pics, but it was pretty dark and I shied away from using the flash too often.

On our way out, we snuck outside to take a peek at the patio setup. While it was pretty nice out here, I’m incredibly glad we got a seat indoors. Half the fun of the place was the decor, and it’s just not the same being out here.

Patio lights, outside.

Totally fun time tonight, and I’m terribly glad I made it a point to be social. I got to meet Natalie (who’s awesome), and got to hang out with Tori some more. I had a blast sipping on girly drinks, soaking up the Tiki atmosphere, and swapping stories with everyone. Really, really fun night.

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