Painting the bedrooms

Almost two years ago to the day, Ben and Laura moved into their first home. Today, Justin and I went to visit their new digs, and to help get some paint on the walls.

The movers had all their stuff stored, and were delivering the furniture tomorrow morning, 8 AM. So… we had an evening to get three bedrooms primed and painted.

We got to meet several of their friends, who stopped in and helped out over the course of the night. I took some photos, but not a ton since… well, I didn’t know everyone, and it felt a bit rude. That said, I did get to talk with several folks, and had some great conversations.

I’ve never really done much painting until tonight. It seems like a really fun thing, but then again – we had a ton of people helping out. I’m sure if it’s one or two people, painting can get to be super tedious. But overall – tonight, it was a fun, social thing, and didn’t feel like work at all.

Justin, priming the crap out of the wall.

One of the first rooms, almost all the way done.

This, to me, is a perfect image for the evening. This embodies the whole “moving in” feel, and something about it just fits. I don’t know what all we played tonight, but I’m fairly certain that Ben threw in the newest Damien Jurado album at the start of the evening – great stuff to listen to, as we were working.

Laura, throwing down some primer on the master bedroom.

Near the end of the night.

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