Rob’s New Studio

After work today, Justin and I went to go help out Rob move some stuff from his old studio to his new one.

Holy CRAP, the studio space he’s moving out of is absolutely amazing. I’ve gotten several invites to visit his space in the past, but never took advantage of it. I’m totally kicking myself for that now, as all I get to see is the tail end of what was, assuredly, a fantastic, amazing space.

Entrace area. There’s a fenced gate that leads to a parking area on the second floor of this large warehouse.

View looking out over the nearby buildings.

Some random sketches on the wall.

Tons of tools and construction equipment lying about. A lot of the walls around the place were put up recently, as the whole place was much more open than what we saw today.

My guess is that this is one of Erik’s bicycles.

Look at these gorgeous windows.

This place is absolutely massive.


Hallway area. All throughout the place, ther were pieces and supplies scattered about. All you had to do to make something was to look around and get inspired.

I believe that’s a drawing by Wesley Willis.

I got a small cut moving a drawer down to the car. Finding no bandaids around, I made one out of toilet paper and some duct tape. Somewhere, MacGyver is giving me the thumbs-up.

Behind where I’m standing is a lot of Rob’s paintings and books and supplies.

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