Such Great Heights

After moving a bunch of stuff out to Rob’s car, we decide to go up another floor and climb our way up to the roof.

Let me pause for a moment here, to mention to you that I have a serious, serious problem with heights. There are time where, just riding an elevator… I get freaked out by the thought of the fact that I’m hovering above a vast emptiness.

My friend Ian (arigato) described the fear of heights pretty much spot-on, when he said that he felt this invisible hand wrapped around his neck, slowly pulling him forward towards the edge. That’s probably the most accurate description of what I feel whenever I find myself really high up.

Heights for me are a big deal. If I had to list out everything that I’m scared of, my fear of heights is at the top of that list.

Justin and Rob, at the top of the first flight of stairs.

A random mannequin.

Ok – this should give you some sense of scale. The first ladder is behind Rob, to the left. The whole time, he was super supportive of me, and kept saying “just don’t fall – otherwise, we’ll have to hide your body.”

After the first ladder, we arrived at a place where all the water used to be stored. This was a massive room, but there was little room around the edges as the water container took up most of the space.

One additional ladder led up to the top of the building.

And here’s me, crapping my pants.

I did pretty okay, up until the last few steps. At the top of this ladder, my legs started shaking pretty badly. I was able to keep myself from looking down (and even thinking about it now… I get a little woozy). The whole time I was climbing both ladders, I could hear my breathing get super fast and super heavy.

The base for a flag, right smack in the center of the roof.

It took me a little while before I could actually stand up here. Once I got to the top, I immediately sat down and caught my breath. Only after I calmed down some did I try to actually stand up and walk around a bit.

Rob, looking out over the buildings.

Rob telling Justin (and me) the story of how he first found this place through an ad at a coffee shop.

Lately, I’ve been treated to some fantastic views of the city.

Rob and the skyline.

I didn’t get too close to the edges, but I had my breath taken away by the view here. Being up here was as amazing as I thought it would be. Fear of heights or not, there was no way I would pass up an opportunity to get up here and see the city from this vantage point. Absolutely amazing.

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  1. what good feeling thinking of our days then! — felix, you’re a fine fellow & gentleman, crucial help them moving days, of course, but such a positive energy to be with. thanks for friendship. i’ll call on you next opportunity to visit the eagle’s nest again.

    rob Reply

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