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This morning, as I was looking around the various blogs I’ve bookmarked… I came across the sudden news that Alicia, who used to run Audible Frequency, passed away yesterday.

It’s not like I really knew her at all, but… I found this news incredibly shocking, and just sad. I’ve been thinking about it, off and on today, all day.

I first came across her site many months ago, and have been a big fan of it ever since. I liked her way of looking (or, rather, listening) to the world around us, and really admired that. She paid attention to things that I might not normally think twice about, and made an attempt to share her findings with anyone else who cared to listen.

I had the good fortune of meeting Alicia once, and we talked a bit about our jobs, our interest in tech, and the ways we both went about documenting the day to day.

I think it’s safe to say I developed a big crush on her after that night. In the weeks that followed we exchanged a handful of emails and had plans to collaborate on a project, but for some reason or another… I just never really heard from her again.

For all practical purposes, she and I are strangers to one another. I know her mostly through her website and her audio recordings, through a few emails, some IM chats, and one evening’s worth of conversation. I would have liked to have known her better.

Alicia had a very unique way of looking at the things around her, of listening to all the sounds that surrounded her. We could all stand to stop every once in a while, close our eyes, and just listen more.

This feels really weird. I didn’t really know her at all, yet I’ve been carrying around this news all day, and I’ve been honestly saddened. And there’s this big part of me that feels weird about it all, like I don’t have the right to feel saddened by this because I didn’t really know her. But I am saddened by it.

From what little I saw of her, I thought that Alicia was incredibly cool, and incredibly talented. I count myself lucky for the brief time our paths crossed.

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