Moving Rob, Part 2

We didn’t get all of Rob’s stuff last time, so we made plans to meet up today and make another run. Turns out Rob had filled his van up, and so we met at the new studio space to unload.

Afterwards, Justin and I hopped in to go back over to the old space and load up another run.

Check this out – even the carts around here are cool looking.

This place is enormous, and serves as storage for a wide range of items.

On our way out, I stopped to grab this picture of the tower (on the right). This is where we were standing, after climbing all those freaking ladders.

Before we unloaded things, we swung by a Tasty Freeze on Armitage, to get some ice cream. I got a regular vanilla sundae, Rob got a pineapple sundae, and Justin got a cinnamon shake. Great stuff, and it hit the spot after working up a pretty decent sweat moving things around.

Justin was going to a concert this evening, and ended up having to duck out a bit early. I was originally going to a cookout, but those plans got changed so I was able to hang around more and help out.

Rob and I ran the second load upstairs and pretty much packed the place full with stuff. He’s a prolific artist, and has a ton of work (so much so that he ended up just driving around the city with a ton of extra pieces, affixing paintings in alleyways for people to find).

Exploring around the new digs, I found a side room that had a window onto the roof. There was a small grating that ran the height of the window, but it was hinged and unlocked… so we were able to crawl out. Here’s Rob relaxing a bit.

There’s not a great view here, as this whole area is sort of walled in. It does seem like an excellent spot to smoke a cigarette and just pace back and forth, though.

Think of this as a work in progress.

The entire building belongs to the lumber store. It’s a pretty huge building, with one-room studios flanking the center store.

After this, we stopped by the apartment and hung out with Gretchen for a bit. As it turns out, she was making dinner and I totally lucked out here. She told us to sit at the table, and proceeded to bring out a big bowl of sliced watermelon, along with some pasta with a pesto dressing, and a chicken salad. Top that off with a beer and some lemon cake that she made earlier… and I was one happy camper.

I had a great dinner, and got to talk about writing and poetry with Gretchen. This was a delightful way to finish off a good round of moving.

I think we showed up around 8:00 PM, and the time just flew by as we were chatting away. Around this time, Rob got a call from a coworker, asking if he could help him move out a table and a chair (apparently, he and his girlfriend broke up and he absolutely needed to get that stuff out of the apartment tonight). Rob, nice guy that he is, is unable to say “No, I’m too tired – can’t we do this tomorrow?”

Keep in mind that, recently, Rob spends his days working for an art dealer, transporting mostly works made of glass. So… he’s been moving other people’s art all day for days, moved his own artwork today, and set out to help yet another person move.

I tagged along, figuring that one extra body would save a bit of time. We drove downtown, found the place, and learned the the guy had left the apartment (but had left a note). Rob talked with the girlfriend on the phone, and we decided we’d try to wait a bit. Well… a good deal of time goes by, and we end up calling it quits around 10:40 PM (after having show up at maybe 9:50 PM). We tried to get a hold of the girlfriend on our way out, but had no luck reaching her. Not sure what went on here.

I got dropped off at home a bit after 11:00 PM, and ended up landing one of Rob’s pieces. Sweet!

Tomorrow, I think we’re heading back around noon. There’s one final load of drawers that need to be moved, and that should be it.

I had a lot of fun today, mostly because I got to hang out so much with Rob. We’ve always done stuff tangentially, so it was cool to just roll with him for a good while, to talk a bit and just hang out.

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