Moving Rob, Part 3

Today, Rob and I went back to his old studio space to pick up the last of his stuff there. In addition to some large file drawers, he had a stack of paintings that needed to be moved/removed.

I mentioned yesterday that he’s incredibly prolific, and went through some earlier rounds getting rid of some of his artwork. Well… you’re going to see a glimpse of that, below. Today, we looked through a final pile and he ended up throwing away a good 10-12 pieces. I found one that I liked, and we chanced across the owner of the whole building (Gary, I think his name was), who took another. The rest of them, we pitched into a big dumpster.

Helping Rob move has been amazingly lucrative for me! So far, I’ve gotten two paintings total (one from today, and one from yesterday), and a record player to boot!

As you may know, the whole building is massive. And while Rob has access to many parts of it, he doesn’t have full access to everything. We ended up having to transport a bunch of paintings from one side to the other… and had to get from one loading dock to another.

At one point, we tried to open a garage door… but ended up triggering a pretty loud alarm. I waited around for the police to show, as Rob ran in to look for the owner, Gary. After a bit, Gary came down to shut off the alarm, and opened up a pathway so that we could easily transport the art over to the dumpster area.

Moving in between the areas, I spotted this guy. Not sure what he’s dressed as or why, but it seemed like it necessitated a picture.

We were able to get all the paintings to the second loading dock, and took them outside so we could snap a few pics before throwing them away (see below).

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