Ted Leo @ Logan Square Auditorium

Chris mentioned this show to me a few days back, but I waffled and wasn’t intending on going. Today, I got a last-minute invite (turns out he had an extra ticket, thanks to Leslie), and I was debating all morning whether or not to go.

I went against my usual, homebody nature… and went with to the show. Partly because I’m trying to go out more and see more shows… and partly because my friend Katie is a huge Ted Leo fan. And in my head, she was kicking my ass for even thinking about not going.

I’m totally glad I did go though. It was a high energy show, and I can now understand why Chris was so excited to go see him.

Right now, it’s pretty late. So I’m going to post a few pics, one video, and call it a night. I’ll upate this entry later on, in a few days.

Packed house.

Ted Leo takes the stage.

The video below is PROBABLY SUPER LOUD. Since I’ve been standing near one of the stacks for the past three plus hours, I don’t really trust my hearing all that much right now. So play the video at your own risk.

One thing that did happen – it sounds like, when the bass kicks in, it’s way too much for my camera to handle. Keep in mind that the tiny little microphone on my camera probably wasn’t built to handle the volume of some of these shows.

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