Photo Gallery is up!

So it’s a bit rushed, but it should be up and running. I’ve replaced the crappy placeholder index page for this site, so if you go to, you’ll see the photo gallery.

Give it a gander, and let me know if you run into any bugs. I’m sure there’s stuff to be fixed here and there. I’ve built in some controls for navigation, but it seems a bit hurky-jerky currently. I’ll be tinkering with this guy in the coming days, I’m sure.

All in all, not too bad for a few days of work. The images look better than I thought (although I need to spend more time weeding out some of these pics – several need to be dropped completely).

Yeesh. It’s about 1:00 AM. I can’t believe I’ve been sitting here for as long as I have.

Time for bed.

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