Pleasant, good to have, and pocket-sized

My friend Juliet runs The Daily Apple, and is fast approaching 100 entries! In preparation for hitting triple digits, she’s got an open call for votes for her “Top Ten Daily Apples.”

If you’re unfamiliar with her site, here’s a brief glimpse:

So, every time I log on to the Internet, I check about 5 of the same pages. After I’ve made my usual rounds, every time, I find myself wishing for one more thing. I want the last page I look at to give me a little nugget of information. Unlike what the depressing and anxiety-ridden news pages give me, I want something nice to close out my visit to Internet-land. I looked around a couple times for something like this, but no luck. So I decided it was time to make my own.

Here’s my plan. I want to post some little bit of knowledge I picked up during the day and record it here. I want myself and anyone who looks at this to be able to say, “Oh, hey. I didn’t know that. I’m glad I do.”

Swing on by The Daily Apple, and see if you don’t learn a thing or two.

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