I missed them before, but got to see Mini Kiss tonight with Steph and Matt.

They were playing at Joe’s, which is not a bar I would normally frequent. In fact, the only other time I’ve been here was when I came by myself for the Q101 UltraCrib giveaway, way back in 2003. It’s an ok place, but not somewhere I’d ever plan to go to hang out.

Mini Gene was by far the most animated, and the most into the role. He rocked.

Sadly, the band members don’t play their own instruments. But I think Mini Peter does actually play the drums (and Mini Paul does actually sing – although he is really a she). Peter wasn’t that bad of a drummer, either!

Mini Gene and Mini Paul, prior to the wig coming off.

And here she is, sans wig. She actually has a really great voice, and was pretty good about getting the crowd yelling.

But she’s no Mini Gene.

Halfway through the set, Mini Ace appears at a beer stand to do some solo guitar strumming.

Pretty fun crowd – everyone seemed to be having a blast. Well, except that one guy there on the left.

At some point, the band was doing shots with the audience. I saw a few beers being offered up, someone tried to offer Mini Ace a flask. Here, Mini Gene is doing what I think is a Jaeger shot with some audience members (I think he brought out like 3 or 4 for the crowd). Rock star!

Mini Ace was… off in his own space for most of the show. Check the video below.

Post-show, everyone taking their bows. The crowd was incredibly friendly, and I had a blast. I tried to get a picture with them after they left the stage, but couldn’t get past security to the upper balcony. The guy guarding the stairs said I could wait around a bit, but everyone else was outside waiting… so I took off. Sadly, no picture with the band.

However – I did end up meeting Mike, who was standing next to me during the show. I looked over and realized we both had the same camera. He was documenting as much as I was the whole night, and we ended up exchanging info so we could swap pictures and video.

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