No Nudity. No Violence. Unspeakable Obscenity.

OK. Let’s start slowly.

First, if you’re game… check out the trailer for The Aristocrats.

Ok. Not too bad, right?

Next, check out the official website.

Getting a sense of what this is about? Good.

I first heard about this movie a few days ago, from Justin when a bunch of us were hanging out at Clubfoot. My understanding of the movie is this: “The Aristocrats” is a running joke among comedians, and meant to be as offensive, vulgar, obscene, and over the top as possible.

The joke begins the same way every time: a family goes to a talent agent, and says “We have this great idea for a show.” And the joke ends with the same, anticlimatic punchline. The talent agent asks “What do you call this show?” and the family responds with “The Aristocrats!”

Again, keep in mind this is meant to be a disgusting, vulgar joke – the humor lying more in the improvisation of the comedian and the depravity of the scenario, not the punchline.

In many ways, this follows closely with my whole fascination with repetition and variation. I want to say it’s a bit similar to that BBC commercial I love, where it’s got a ton of actors and actresses just cussing. The delight isn’t so much in the cursing, as it is in the different ways in which each individual curses.

Ok. Now. Let’s be super clear on this.

If you’re easily offended by language, then for the love of god don’t click this. This is, incidentally, totally not safe for work. DO NOT click this link unless you have earphones or have the volume turned really far down.

If you lose your job at work, don’t come complaining – you’ve been warned.

I’m looking forwad to this movie. Not for the offensiveness or the vulgarity, but for the sheer outrageousness and for the fun of seeing a stellar cast of comedians try to out-gross-out one another. It is, in many respects, an unbridled celebration of free speech, in its dirtiest and nastiest form.

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