Shit fountain

As everyone parted ways near midnight, Justin told me that he had something that was blog worthy… something that absolutely warranted a photograph.

A few houses down the street, he shows me the shit fountain.

This was built just outside that woodworking shop I came across, a few months back.

Here’s me, stepping up to the challenge, after Justin bets me $10 I won’t lick the shit fountain.

Ok, there wasn’t money involved – he just Triple Dog Dared me.

Alright, it was a regular dare.

Ok, Fine! Fine! I forced Justin to take the camera and photograph me licking the fake poop fountain. Are you happy?

After this, the two of us walked over to a gas station, bought some cheap ass cigars, and sat in his backyard smoking them to stubs. During this time, the rain would pick up and ebb. The whole time though, we just sat there and let the rain come and go as it pleased. It was really relaxing, and reminded me a great deal of the time Benand I worked an all-nighter, only to spend the next afternoon drinking through a tremendous downpour.

Sitting in the rain is a great feeling. It’s indulgent and carefree, and makes you feel like a kid. I need to do this more often.

Great evening all told. Got to meet and hang with a lot of folks, some new, some old, and had a ton of fun wherever I went.

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