Rainbo Club

Met up with Justin for drinks at Rainbo. I originally wanted to hide out at home after what felt like a nonstop weekend (my work schedule last night combined with today made it feel like I hadn’t really stopped moving).

But when I sat down in front of a computer tonight, the energy just wasn’t there. So off I went.

We had a fun talk at Rainbo, and swapped stories about our respective weekends. A pretty low-key evening, all around. On our way out, we met up with two friends of his – Sam, who runs Jinx Cafe and… argh, I’ve forgotten her name. It’s got an “e” in it though, -en something. Shit. Anyhow, she’s one of Justin’s friends, and works at Sound Gallery.

Sitting with them was an unexpected turn (we were literally on our way out). But I had a lot of fun chatting with the two of them. A really pleasant way to end the evening at Rainbo.

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